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10/8/22 Ultreya

We had a great turnout at Ultreya at Holy Name of Jesus! New Cursillista and Rector, Kevin Dorian, led 36 attendees in the Holy Spirit prayer and group sharing discussion. Lay witness speaker, Amy Del Valle, spoke about hope and reflected on the teaching from Deacon Joe O'Connell from September's School of Leaders meeting- recognizing Jesus in the close moments during difficult situations. Our close moments with Christ are not always "warm and fuzzy." They can be in the most desperate and dark times in our lives. Amy exemplified the Cursillo mantra to a work colleague- Make a friend, be a friend, bring your friend closer to Christ - as she listened and helped him several times through a tough situation that led him to a close moment - something he had not experienced in years. Recognizing Christ in those moments gives us hope that our situation will get better when we keep our eyes on Him to walk with us through to the other side and receive blessings for our obedience and trust.

The evening continued for most of the attendees by gathering for shared a meal, fellowship and share laughs at Don Ramon restaurant. It was a hopeful encounter amongst friends and strengthening of the Community. We are excited to see so many Cursillistas supporting the Palm Beach Cursillo Movement. Let's keep the fire of the Holy Spirit ignite hearts for Jesus and bring hope to all that we encounter. De Colores!


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