Please pray with me…
Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of us your faithful and kindle in us the fire of your love.
Send forth your spirit and we shall be created, and You shall renew the face of the earth.
Let us pray…
O God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit instructs the hearts of the faithful, grant that by the same Holy Spirit we may be truly wise and ever rejoice in His consolations.
Through Christ our Lord, AMEN.

My name is Steve Walsh. My wife Kathy and I worship here at St. Andrew Catholic Church.
I made Cursillo #46 in 1994 in West Palm Beach and I sat at the table of St Luke. 


In Cursillo, we learned about the importance of the tripod, three parts, each being equally essential in our spiritual life with God. I will discuss briefly my current piety, study, and action. I will then conclude my talk with one example of evangelization in my homebound ministry.

•    Each day I ask Jesus to give me the obedience to do His will throughout the day.
•    Besides mass on Sunday, I attend three extra masses each week. I serve at mass as a sacristan every Tuesday.
•    I attend adoration weekly.
•    I complete a rosary and a divine mercy chaplet each day.
•    I go to reconciliation twice a month.
My trip to Medjugorje in 2019 has had a very positive influence on my daily prayer life. I have read the messages from Our Lady of Peace from 1981 through 2019 to the visionaries in Medjugorje. Our lady states the key to changing our world is to pray from the heart. Our Lady does not want us to judge anyone but instead pray daily for our brothers and sisters who as she has stated, “Have not yet experienced the love and mercy of my son Jesus.” She has directed each visionary to pray for a specific purpose, peace in the world, families, souls in purgatory, daily rosaries, etc.
I have created a process when I pray my rosary and divine mercy chaplet. Each bead prayed will be for a specific person or request. This process enables me to concentrate on one bead at a time for a specific purpose.
I pray daily for the following
•    Ten families
•    Eight people I take communion to each Monday
•    Seven men and their families in my group reunion
•    Suffering souls in Purgatory
•    I pray for 92 deceased souls each day and their families. I have all their names memorized. Peggy, who I reference later in my talk is #90 on my list. 
Saint Faustina’s diary #599 states 
“Jesus will provide graces to those you pray for. Ignore your part of praying and they will not receive the special graces you could have won for them through your prayers.”

I get an email each day from Dynamic Catholic, My Catholic Life daily reflections, My Catholic Life Daily reflections on Divine Mercy, and a novena every month or so from John and Annie.  
I receive the monthly booklets the Word Among Us and Living with Christ. These books contain monthly meditations and mass readings. 
I get my study feedback from my group reunion brothers.


My apostolic action includes assisting the priest at mass on Tuesday. After mass, I sanitize the church and the adoration chapel for the safety of our parishioners. 
I take communion to eight home bound parishioners every Monday morning. 
On Friday, I take a homebound parishioner to mass. 

I began taking communion to a homebound couple Paul and Peggy in March of 2017. Peggy was disabled from a neurological disease and was losing the ability to walk. Peggy had requested communion, but Paul was not initially interested in receiving communion. 
Peggy’s condition got worse, and she became bed ridden. I invited Paul to come with me to her bed as I gave Peggy communion. I asked him if he would like to join his wife in communion. Hs response was “can’t hurt.” Paul joined his wife in communion each week thereafter. 

Peggy’s condition further deteriorated, and she was moved to a rehab center. I told Paul I would pick him up and bring him to the rehab center to have communion with his wife. Paul had lost his license due to a seizure disability and could not drive. Peggy’s condition left her paralyzed from the neck down. 
Peggy  always had a smile on her face when Paul and I arrived. She had a large picture of Our Lady of Peace on her bedstand. Paul would always brush her hair, put a little lipstick on her, and then give her a spray of her perfume before we started. I would break the host in half and give Paul one half, and then I would place a quarter host on Peggy’s tongue. 
One day I asked Paul if he would like to give Jesus to his wife. He held out his hand and I gave him the host. He placed the host gently in her mouth. Paul would remain at the rehab facility until I finished my communion assignments and then I would pick him up later and take him home.

Peggy died on March 17, 2018, I arranged for Father Jack to speak at her funeral. Paul was not sure where her cremains would be buried. 
Paul is a navy veteran and wanted to have her buried at the VA cemetery in Lake Worth. I helped him get all the necessary documents together and we took Peggy’s cremains to the cemetery. We visited her grave after the VA sent Paul information where she was located. Our last visit to Lake Worth was March of this year. I took Paul and his two sons on this visit.
Paul contacted me shortly after her burial and wanted to attend daily mass. We agreed I would pick him up on Fridays for mass. 
I have scheduled several masses at St Andrews for Peggy over the last four years. Prior to covid, parishioners were allowed to bring up the gifts at mass. I arranged for Paul and his sons to bring up the gifts for these masses. 
I bought a year’s subscription to Living with Christ for Paul so he could follow the readings at mass on Friday. 
I have been taking Paul to mass every Friday over the last four years. Paul always lights several candles for his family after mass. We then are off to breakfast at McDonalds for coffee and a biscuit. 
In conclusion, we are all called to serve Jesus in some manner. I am called to pray daily for many people, living and deceased. My homebound ministry on Monday has allowed me to bring Jesus to suffering souls that need His love. I try to be quiet and listen to the people I visit. I pray the prayer to the Holy Spirit before I visit each one. I have cried and laughed with them. I want to assist Paul so he can be with his wife Peggy in Heaven. 

Thank your Jesus for allowing me to serve Paul and others in this wonderful ministry. 

God Bless you. 


May 13, 2022


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