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"Ultreya" is Spanish for "onward!" Our use of the term Ultreya developed as part of Cursillo when the founders of the Cursillo Movement were going on the first pilgrimage over 70 years ago, in 1944.  While climbing the steep hills of Majorca Spain, they used to shout "Ultreya" to encourage each other to continue onward. 


And so we use that term to describe the Cursillo community coming together to encourage all of us who have made Cursillo to continue, to persevere in our Christian life as apostles of Jesus. In this Diocese, the Ultreya is a monthly gathering of anyone who has made a Cursillo, whether here in the Diocese of Palm Beach, or anywhere else. The Ultreya is intended to encourage and affirm each of us in our Fourth Day.


Ultreya schedule for 2023-2024 Season will continue with one event per month, starting September, 2023.


Ultreya will be held the first Saturday of most months at 6:30 PM at various church locations.

2023: September 9 | October 7 | November 4 | December 2
2024: January 6
| February 3 | March 2 | April 6 June 1


See the Upcoming Events tab for details.

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