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Palanca Prayer for Cursillo Movement

The Palm Beach Cursillo Secretariat is encouraging the entire Cursillo Community to do Palanca prayer for the success of not only our Cursillo Community but Cursillo Communities worldwide!    We ask for each of you to personally commit to include Cursillo in your daily and weekly prayers. 

For those who would like to pray as a community we will be hosting a

Zoom Rosary every Thursday starting at 7:00 PM.**New time!

Please join us using the link below.   

Thursday is the day where we traditionally focus on Palanca for Cursillo because on Thursdays there is a Cursillo Weekend starting somewhere around the world.  It is our intentions that this Palanca Prayer will lift up not only our community, but all Cursillo communities and individuals who are trying to grow closer to Christ!

Meeting ID:  859 9762 7243

Passcode: Palanca

Please record the Palanca you have offered for the worldwide Cursillo Movement.


Come Holy Spirit!

We encourage you to exercise your Piety, Action and Palanca for the Holy Spirit 2033 Novena

Holy Spirit 2033 Novena​

  • Sponsored by Pentecost Today, this 9-year novena to the Holy Spirit invites you to pray, “COME, HOLY SPIRIT” at 9am each morning until Pentecost 2033. Set your alarm now and download the Novena Prayer Guide.

  • Make a commitment and join others from across the nation and around the world in unceasing prayer for a new and ongoing Pentecost in our own hearts, in the Renewal, in the Church, and in the world in preparation for the 2000 Year Anniversary of Pentecost in 2033. Pray with expectant faith for the Holy Spirit to work in your life and in the life of the Church. All are welcome to join!

Link to more information and receive reminders:

Welcome to Palm Beach Cursillo!
What is Cursillo?
The story of the road to Emmaus provides the image for Cursillo, a movement of the Catholic
Church which calls forth and renews Christia
n discipleship. The Cursillo experience starts
with a three-day weekend, which takes a New Testament
look at Christianity as a lifestyle. It
is a highly structured weekend designed to strengthen and renew the faith of Catholic
Christians, and through them their families, parishes, work environments, and the world in
which we live. Cursillo is a combined effort of laity and clergy toward the Church.
Click HERE for more information about Cursillo in the Palm Beach Diocese.
To learn more about the Cursillo Movement, check out the National Cursillo USA website.

Make a friend ... be a friend ... bring your friend closer to Christ.

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of us your faithful,

and kindle in us the fire of your love. 

Send forth your spirit, and we shall be created. 

And you shall renew the face of the Earth.  

Let us pray. 

O God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit

instructs the hearts of the faithful,

grant that by that same Holy Spirit

we may be truly wise

and ever rejoice in his consolations. 

Through Christ our Lord.


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